Alprostadil Injection

Alprostadil Injection

Alprostadil Injection (PROSTAGLANDIN E1)

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Alprostadil Injection is a new cardiovascular agent, improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular microcirculation treat peripheral vascular disease and ulcer induced by chronic arterial occlusive disease. For the treatment of Chronic arterial occlusion, progressive systemic sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes mellitus, vibration disease.

Alprostadil can dilate peripheral blood vessels and increases blood flow, and thereby improves ulcers of limbs and pains.


2ml:10μg and 1ml:5μg

Quality Specification:

pH  Value


Free  fatty acid

Not more than  the volume of 0.01mol/L NaOH TS consumed by the reference solution

Peroxide  value

Not more than 0.2ml  of Na2S2O3 TS consumed

Globule  size

The average globule  size ranges from 120nm~280nm. The diameter of 90% droplet is less than 350nm.


Not more than  3.0%

Prostaglandin  A1

Not more than 3.0mcg  per ml

Visible  particles

Not detected

Insoluble  materials

10mcg of  particles<50, 25mcg of particles <5

Bacterial  endotoxins

Less than 2.5EU/ml

Sterility  test




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