Propofol Injectable Emulsion

Propofol Injectable Emulsion 10mg/mL and Propofol Injectable Emulsion 20mg/mL

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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Generic Name: Propofol Injectable Emulsion 1% (10mg/mL)  

Dosage Form: I.V. injectable emulsion

The first generic propofol launched in China, with 36% market share in China.

20 years of production experiences on lipid-based emulsion. Exported to more than 20 countries.


2. Product Specification

Quality Specification: USP, EP, CP 

Leading emulsifying technique with the stricter globule size control, the average globule size ranges from 180nm~ 270nm, 99% globules are less than 1μm.


3. Product details







Active ingredient

Soybean oil


oil solvent

Egg lecithin





Tonicity-adjusting  agent


IV sedative-hypnotic agent suitable for induction and maintenance of general anesthesia. It may also be used for sedation of mechanically ventilated adult patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).    

Propofol Injection is a short-acting general anesthetic agent with a rapid onset of action of approximately 30 seconds. Recovery from anesthesia is usually rapid. The mechanism lf action, like all general anesthetics, is poorly understood. The decline in propofol concentrations following a bolus does or following the termination of an infusion can be described by a three compartment open model. The first phase is characterized by a very rapid distribution (half-life 2-4 minutes) rapid elimination (half-life 30-60minutes) and a slower final phase, representative of redistribution of propofol from poorly perfused tissue. Propofol is extensively distributed and rapidly cleared from the body (total body clearance 1.5-2litres/minute). Clearance occurs by metabolic processes, mainly in the liver, to form inactive conjugates of propofol and its corresponding quinol, which are excreted in urine. When Propofol Injection is used to maintain anesthesia, blood concentrations asymptotically approach the steady-state value for the given administration rate. The pharmacokinetics are linear over the recommended range of infusion rates of Propofol Injection. 


4. Deliver and shipping

The Shelf-life of Propofol Injectable Emulsion 1% is 3 years. Shipment temperature should be not higher than 25°C. Do not freeze.


5. How supplied:

Propofol Injectable Emulsion 1% containing 10 mg/mL of propofol is available as follow: 10mL glass ampoule or flip-top vial in boxes of 5, 20mL glass ampoule or flip-top vial in boxes of 5, and 50mL flip-top vial in boxes of 10. 

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