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With the corporate philosophy of “Respecting Science”, LIBANG always regards R&D as the driving force of progress and development, has established a unique R&D platform aimed for generic drugs and innovative drugs, from API process development to large molecule biopharmaceutical drugs and specialized emulsion formulations.

LIBANG also is one of the leading player in the field of lipid-based formulation research, and has accumulated expertise in liposome, emulsion, PEG, and microsphere related formulation development to solve the most difficult drug delivery challenges and to develop innovative pharmaceutical products.
LIBANG’s range of technologies allows us to offer numerous solutions for any drug delivery problem. Our drug delivery technologies can also be used as innovative and effective life cycle management tools that prolong the market life of drug and pharmaceutical products. In 2003, LIBANG was named National Liposmal Drug Delivery Research Centre
------------Liposomal encapsulation
------------Micro emulsion


Micro-emulsion Technology
A micro-emulsion is a mixture of water, water insoluble and water soluble components forming a visually homogeneous, transparent liquid. Microemulsion formulations have been shown to be superior for delivery of anti-cancer drugs, which can be uptaken selectively by tumor cells and reduce the incidence of side effect in vivo.
Catering to the trend of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Modernization, Libang Pharmaceutical Sciences is going in for the research on developing injection, oral dosage and transdermal delivery system of micro-emulsified TCM. But surfactant toxicity may be a major limitation to the widespread use of micro-emulsions technology. Currently, Libang has made a breakthrough to select non-toxic, non-irritative, non-side effective and biocompatible surfactants.

Lipid Emulsion Delivery System
Emulsion vehicles have been more and more frequently employed over recent years. Because its smaller particle size (≤400nm)with well distribution, target-oriented function can reduce incidence of side effect and irritation, improve the bio-availability an therapeutic effects.
Libang is one of the first companies engages in the research and development of emulsion delivery system. In January of 2000, Propofol Injection was launched on the market by Libang, which has filled in a gap in emulsion vehicle technology. Currently, the new products, Dexamethasone Palmitate Emulsion and Prostaglandin E1 Emulsion have be submitted to SFDA for New Drug Application.

Liposome Delivery System
Liposome delivery systems, vesicles composed of a phospholipid bilayer in which pharmaceutical agents can be contained, allowing controlled release, target specificity and prolonged life span of drugs.
Liposomes have demonstrated considerable promise as a carrier for the delivery of drugs in vivo. However, one of the drawback is that most liposomes are rapidly removed from the blood circulation by uptake primarily in the cells of reticuloendothelial system (RES). It has been found that PEG-liposome are not readily taken up by the macrophages in the RES and hence stay in the circulation for a relatively long period of time. 
Libang has conquered the technical difficulty in synthesis of PEG-liposome, can make alkalescent drugs such as doxorubicin, Vincristine, Mitoxantrone and Ciprofloxacin can be encapsuled into liposome by pH-gradient method, with high liposome entrapment of 99% and the particle size of 100nm.